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WhatTime is a free service where schedule changes are managed automatically and customers are kept continuously informed of the provider’s progress.

WhatTime is an answer to these problems and achieves the following goals, it:

  • Organises the day’s appointments for the service provider
  • Handles cancellations
  • Informs customers of delays
  • Optimises and automates rescheduling when things change
  • Allows customers to make their own bookings
  • Revises and advises customers if the schedule changes
  • Allows customers to cancel appointments if they can’t come due to schedule change
  • Provides automated customer check-in on arrival
  • Provides notification and announcement of customer order
  • Handles time management and rescheduling
  • Handles Emergency (squeeze in) appointments

The time based service industry has many challenges. Some jobs take longer than others. Sometimes people come late. Can’t come at all. Emergencies come up. A provider gets called away. Sick, late, traffic, kids, weather, injury, equipment failure.

As a service provider, unless you have an army of back and front office staff to manage your commitments, half of your time is spent organising when and with whom to do your work, when you could be spending the time getting it done.

Many industries and individuals can benefit from this system. Our first market is the sole service provider who has no receptionist, no professional customer relations management software and provides the service from a fixed location. This includes hundreds of professions such as: chiropractors, physiotherapists, nail/beauty treatments, massage and pet grooming.

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